Pens & Needles Custom Tattoo Company would like to introduce what we like to call one of our “specialty services”, Sacred Services. As a leader in the tattoo industry, we are honored to offer you one of our most dedicated tattoo services!


When you lose a loved one, it's very common to want to keep something that belongs to them, so that you have something to remember them by. Well, we are taking that memory one step further with our Commemorative and Ritual tattoos we call Sacred Services! Here's some more information:


Commemorative and Ritual tattoos require a well thought out decision in which we can assist you! This style of tattooing has existed for over 30 years but recently has caught the attention of those looking to make that long-lasting impression and intimacy with their body art.

This style of tattooing is very similar to regular tattoos, only with a twist: cremated ashes are added to the custom bottle of tattoo ink we create for you. You can literally carry the memory of your loved one with you always. It may seem like a morbid practice to some, but for many, it can be a moving and deeply emotional experience. Check out this video that was aired by Nat Geo: