We will never cut corners when it comes to your health, protection, and care for your body art. We will continually make sure that every service provides you the best medical practices in sterilization to ensure the highest levels of safety and cleanliness. 

Our studios exceed all of the standards set by the El Paso County Health Department. We are also members of the Colorado Environmental Health Agency (CEHA) and continuously educate staff members and artists on new public health techniques. 


Even though it's exterior doesn't look any different from its neighbors, each studio has an impressive interior design and modern industrial character. The first thing you'll notice is the brilliant combination of dark and bright colors of the walls done by San Antonio Texas mural artist and super talented friend Scotch Willington.  

With a luxurious studio and art gallery each location offers all private booths/workspaces for each customer to enjoy exclusively. While waiting for appointments customers have access to comfortable seating in our private lounges.


Our staff is experienced professionals, trained through an extensive program geared to the superior customer service concept! We take our jobs very seriously and are committed to producing satisfied customers, and our reputation speaks for itself. 


We are not perfect but we truly do strive for customer satisfaction. Our pride allows us to humbly apologize when we have not met our own standards, and our passion permits us to dictate the role we will play in the future of our customers and those that share how we can improve!


Pens & Needles Body Piercing and Fine Jewelry focus on providing high-quality jewelry that is safe and affordable. Jewelry is precisely crafted only using implant grade materials. Our jewelry provides a safer piercing experience versus other body piercing businesses that offer $10 piercings and use lower quality jewelry options. 


All body jewelry is thoroughly inspected before being sterilized, and we only use the highest quality internally and externally threaded implant-grade metals - surgical stainless steel (316LVM), titanium, niobium, and 18ct solid gold obtained from the finest body jewelry manufacturers in the world.


Pens & Needle's Tattoo Artist's takes pride in being a well rounded, diverse shop capable of many styles of custom tattoos. Our artist's come from all over the world. We are home to 20 tattoo artists, each with their own signature style and deep-rooted love for his or her work. There is a frenzy of creativity taking place in the tattoo world, and these artists capture a part of it.


A tattoo artist is breaking the surface of your skin causing an open wound.  You should TRUST  your artist to make sure the procedure is  CLEAN, STERILE, and SANITARY! 


Pens & Needles offers you a one-of-a-kind body piercing experience from standard body piercings, surface anchors, and surface anchor removal. It's vital in our construction that we provide not just the best body piercers, but soothing materials, and design for your privacy, and comfort.


You generally get what you pay for! So when choosing a body piercer they should possess very high standards of cleanliness, constant awareness of the need for hygiene, knowledge of health and safety, ability to communicate good aftercare procedures, knowledge of the best techniques, and good customer service skills.