Pens & Needles Interactive Newsletter

January 31, 2021

February is “Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve" Month

February ideally lends itself to unforgettable moments with those we love and hold dear. At Pens & Needles, we think that there can never be too much love or mental health awareness in the world! Therefore, Pens & Needles have decided to make the whole month of February “Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve Month” in support of the Heart on My Sleeve Movement! 

Heart On My Sleeve is a mental health social movement that empowers people to be real about how they feel. The good, the bad & the inspirational. Ultimately, they help people rewrite their toxic narratives by learning to love themselves through the power of storytelling. Their mission is to remove the barriers to emotional healing, which is often the shame, guilt, and loneliness of suffering in silence. Their vision is to create a more authentic society, where it is the norm to be real, so we no longer have to hide from ourselves or others.

Watch how it all got started...

We all go through tough times, let’s not do it alone.

"70% of us don’t speak up when we are struggling. Let’s make a promise to not be like that any longer. The Heart On My Sleeve Pledge is a commitment to keep it real. Most importantly, it's a promise to take action when you're not ok. An oath to not pretend everything’s fine, and to put your hand up when you need a hand. This isn’t about telling your story to the public, this is about starting small and privately confiding in those you trust. Don’t wait to be asked or suffer in silence, tell someone when you’re not ok." Heart on My Sleeve 

Follow these 4 steps to pledge...

1. Take the pledge. Sign the pledge today (follow the link below)

2. Draw a heart on your arm. Draw a heart on the inside of your wrist

3. Take a picture. Raise your hand and take a picture with the heart visible. This symbolizes two things: that you are making a commitment, and that you will put your hand up and unashamedly say when you’re not ok.

4. Share the pledge. Share your picture on social media with the caption:
“I [your name] pledge to keep it real about how I feel when I’m not ok. I take this pledge to lead by example and wear my heart on my sleeve” 

#heartonmysleeve @heartonmysleeve